Woolementor Pro v3.0.1 GPL Plugin Free download

If you making an eCommerce website and want some changes in design, but don’t have enough money to hire designers then Woolementor can do your job easily. With this plugin you can customize your whole Woocommerce website easily with elementor builder.

As we know element or page builder is the most popular page builder and can make stunning websites in seconds with amazing designs. But when comes to editing woocommerce we don’t find any builder for that.

Here’s Woolementor comes in the ground. This plugin works with elementor and can customize every element in woocommerce like shop page, orders page, thank you page, checkout page, cart page, etc.

But some functionalities like checkout page customization are only available in Woolementor Pro and here you can download that for free. This plugin works with elementor but elementor pro gives lot more features. You can also download elementor pro from netgpl

Woolementor Pro GPL Plugins Feature

This is GPL Plugin means licensed under General public license.

1. Redesigns WooCommerce

As I said earlier you can customize the whole woocommerce website easily using this plugin. This is really very amazing because only designers can do this from the backend. But Woolementor Pro gives you the same functionalities.

You can customize every page including cart, checkout, my orders, signup, login, shop, variations, single product page, homepage, etc.

The good thing about this plugin is you get a lot of control over design like making round corners, shadows, colors, typography, animations, etc.

2. Mobile Friendly

As we know most people use mobile to surf the internet and your website must be mobile-friendly to rank on google and have a good impression. Woolementor Pro v3.0.1 provides you with mobile-friendly pages so that you do not have to do it manually.

It makes your website design super responsive so that users can see your website on any device.

3. Blazing Fast

It doesn’t load your website with excessive code and works on cutting-edge technology. You get a super-fast website which is a major factor of ranking in SEO. Also, this saves your hosting data and makes the site easily accessible.

Its built on WordPress coding standards which makes it blazing fast and super responsive.

4. Smart Checkout Page

Woolementor Pro allows you to add extra fields to your checkout page which makes your website checkout page even smarter. You can even customize the design, can add elements like admin notices, etc. You can customize the design and looks easily.

This all makes your checkout page smarter.

5. Perfect Cart Page

Woolementor Pro plugin

As I said earlier you can customize the cart page very easily. You can decide whether you want to display all cart products in a row or side to side. Also, you get very amazing design control using Woolementor Pro.

All these things are not easily possible earlier and take a lot of time to do it.

Woolementor Pro works with elementor so you can make your own headers, footers, shop pages, single product pages, cart pages, and checkout pages. The other thing is you can directly import from elementor library or elementor addons.

You can even decide where to show your templates based on product categories, product ID, etc.

7. Sale notifications

Your visitors will see a notification at the bottom that someone bought something from your website. This makes an urge to buy them too. Because it makes trust and authenticity and makes them believe that your website is legit and people use it.

8. Email Designer

You can also design order emails for processing and complete order emails sent to customers on every order. You can change the design and elements in the mail. You can even add your own text, images, and links.

You can also remove the default template and make anything from scratch the way you want it to be. You can customize the look and feel of emails. And can play with lot of designs to make them permanent customers.


Q1. How do I customize my WooCommerce cart page?

This is possible using Woolementor Pro Plugin as it provides a lot of design controls to woocommerce cart page using elementor page builder. You can customize every element of the cart page and design.

Q2. How do I use WooCommerce Elementor?

You can use Woolementor Pro Plugin to customize Woocommerce websites using elementor page builder. You will have amazing design control to make your site the way you want. You can also edit the cart page, checkout page, single product page, etc.

Q3. How do I make a Elementor shop page? You can make a shop page for your woocommerce website using Woolementor plugin. You can import designs for the shop page or can make your own from scratch. The design can be done using elementor and elements can be editing features will be provided using Woolementor.

Woolementor Pro Plugin v3.0.1 Free Download

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