CartFlows Pro GPL Plugin latest v1.7.2 Free Download

CartFlows Pro Plugin for Free Download with latest version v1.7.2. Cartflows is an amazing plugin to make funnels, checkout pages, thank you pages, or to get an eCommerce template for selling single products.

The good thing I like about cartflows is it provides an amazing checkout experience and thank you page, which you can use on any website, and also provides analytics of sales.

CartFlows Pro Free Download Latest Version

But its amazing features are included in pro version so today we provide CartFlows Pro Free Download Latest Version to our readers. And this free download CartFlows Pro WordPress Plugin is GPL Licensed. And you will get regular updates on this plugin.

Cartflows Pro Features

  1. One-click order bump: It means if you sell stuff on an eCommerce website and anybody buys your stuff. Then before checkout, you can ask them to add some more relevant stuff Like we have seen Lot of website uses this.

For example like when you buy a new mobile phone, you might have seen options like add a phone cover too. So this is upselling which is like you never buy cover from that website if they didn’t ask you to do so.

You can do some things on your eCommerce website with cartflows.

2. One-click upsell: This is done after checkout like you have completed the order so rather than showing you go to the homepage, they will again show some relevant stuff that you will buy.

And this again increased their sales. This is done using one-click upsell in cartflows.

3. A/B Split testing: This means you can create two versions of the same page and check which gives more sales. Then you can implement that page. This is very im[ortant for all eCommerce owners that your sites also affect your sales.

But you will get this feature for free in Cartflows Pro version.

4. Conversion optimized templates: You will also get pre-made templates that you can add to your site. This means if you have a new product to sell but don’t know how to make a website. Then just import pre-made template,

And you will get a professional website in one click. This will save you money and time. And also there are templates for almost all niches like food, gym, vegan, electronics, books, etc.

5. Checkout layout: You will get a beautiful checkout page with a modern look. Which enhances sales, increases conversions, and increases profit.

6. Lead generation: You can also generate leads with cartflows pro version. You can ask your customers for emails in return of Free ebooks. This is free in cartflows pro which you can use on all our sites.

7. Pre-checkout offers: This is like order bumps, you will ask your customers to add some more stuff before checkout which will surely increase your sales.

8. Analytics: You can also see analytics of your websites like, how many sales, visits, conversions, etc using CartFlows Pro Plugin for Free Download to you.

A key feature of Cartflows Pro WordPress GPL Plugin

Abandoned Cart Recovery

This happens in all eCommerce stores that When customers come to the checkout page but didn’t place an order because his/her mind changes. But he/she can still place the order if you will remind them.

Many businesses use this technique and recover 20-30% of sales. You may also notice that sometimes we go to amazon or Flipkart and add some items to the cart, but don’t place orders. Then they email us reminding us that we have left some products in the cart.

And then we sometimes place that order. This is called Abandoned cart recovery and is useful for every business owner. This feature is available in the Cartflows Pro WordPress GPL plugin.

Note: You need to install a separate plugin to enable this feature. It is also provided with cartflows pro plugin. So also install this if you want to enable this feature.

Templates included in Cartflows Pro

Templates mean ready-made pages for your website to launch your store in one click. Like if you want to sell some product and don’t have time to make pages for your website then just use these pre-made templates.

Cartflows Pro plugin has templates in almost all niches-

  • Webinar
  • Online courses
  • Evergreen products
  • eBook
  • Beauty products
  • Organic Tea
  • Dog food
  • Weight loss
  • Music album
  • Email marketing course

You can use any template in your niche and can launch the website in seconds. These premade templates are highly successful for online sales and good conversions. You will get all templates in the pro version for free.

All templates has beautiful checkout and thank you page.

FAQ about Cartflows Pro

Q1. What is Cartflows used for?

Cartflows are generally used to make Sales funnels. Like if you want a pre-made website for gym website, coffee website, Courses website, Music website, Weight loss website, etc. then cartflows can do this job in one click. Because it comes with pre-made templates.

Q2. Can I use cartflows without Woocommerce?

You can install the plugin without Woocommerce but its fubctions will not work because it’s made for Woocommerce websites only.

But when you install woocommerce you get a pre-made checkout page, thank you pages, and landing page for a single product website.

Q3. What is WordPress funnel?

Funnel is like predefined steps or pages which we show to customers to complete the purchase. It is different because it’s simple and only dedicated to specific products.

There are many types of funnels and it depends upon the niche of the website. In WordPress websites, we can create funnels using cartflows plugin. And cartflows pro plugin includes these templates for free.

How to install Cartflows Pro GPL Plugin for free

  1. Download the Cartflows Pro plugin from the Netgpl website for free.
  2. Then Extract the zip file and you will get cartflows and cartflows pro inside.
  3. Go to WordPress and click plugins.
  4. Click Add new and then upload plugin.
  5. Upload cartflows and then activate
  6. Then upload cartflows and activate
  7. Now cartflows pro is added to your site for free
  8. Also, install Abandoned cart recovery if you want to enable the feature.

CartFlows Pro Free Download Latest Version

Gpl Plugin Updates

You can request updates anytime by leaving a comment. This is the most latest version of cartflows Pro. This is GPL licensed means it comes under General Public License. So you can use it without any worries.

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